Dr. Hoopes Receives Letter of Commendation From Governor of Utah - Hoopes Vision

Dr. Hoopes Receives Letter of Commendation From Governor of Utah

A special surprise for Dr. Hoopes at the 10 year anniversary celebration of Hoopes Vision was a letter of commendation from the Governor of Utah, Governor Gary Herbert. Dr. Hoopes was honored by the kind words of the letter, and we would like to express our sincere thanks to the Governor and his staff for the time and effort they put in to make this possible.  The letter reads as follows: Dear Dr. Hoopes,  As Governor, it is my pleasure to congratulate you as you celebrate the ten year anniversary of Hoopes Vision.  Your hard work and dedication in the field of refractive surgery are well-known throughout Utah and beyond. The Beehive State is well known as a leader in science and medical innovation, and thanks to your efforts to bring the latest in LASIK technology to the state, we maintain a strong position on the leading edge of the field of vision correction surgery.  Your skill as a surgeon has helped thousands of Utah residents and people throughout the world enjoy the freedom of better vision. I appreciate your efforts to find new ways to improve vision through your medical research. Your commitment to excellence in your career has earned the respect and admiration of your peers and colleagues.In addition, your kind and generous donations to many local, national and international charities each year are appreciated as they offer assistance to worthy causes and those in need.On behalf of the people of the great State of Utah, please accept my congratulations on your first ten years in business, and my best wishes for your continued success.


Gary R. Herbert