Goodwood Barbecue Company

In 1999, two lifelong friends launched the dream and vision of a dinner-house that would revisit the day of owner-operated restaurants. Conceptually, the foundations would be food made fresh from scratch daily, variety and value in a menu centered around the unique style of closed-pit cooking, a team-oriented style of service based on genuineness and sincere caring, and an environment conducive to family and friends, good conversations, and the enjoyment of life. Thus the vision of Goodwood Barbecue Company was born. As you enjoy your experience, know that the owner-oriented individuals are involved daily. Taste the freshness of a product and uniqueness that quality ingredients deliver bite after bite. Feel our appreciation of your patronage through service that is timely, caring, and efficient. Mostly though, enjoy the moment. Let our efforts lend themselves to what we hope will be a regular occurrence on your part – the establishing of your “tradition in the making.”



Toscano represents the South Valley’s (Sandy, Draper, South Jordan, Bluffdale’s) pre-eminent dining environment with its inviting, sleek exterior highlighted with its floor–to-ceiling window walls permitting vast natural lighting and vistas of the Oquirrh sunsets. It’s 20’ live trees provide a year round summer environment regardless of the calendar.  Toscano’s Garden is a multi-purpose area that serves as a protected outdoor dining area with a closeable roof, fountains, music, plants and full herb garden used for daily harvest for the kitchen.  The Garden’s versatile roof can accommodate outdoor dining in any season.



Over the last decade Americans have discovered Thai food.  They have learned that food is not only wonderful to eat, it is also very healthy too. As the popularity of Thai food has sky rocketed, so has the demand for high quality Thai dining options.  My wife and I are from Thailand and have been in the Thai food industry off and on for over ten years.  We have a passion for sharing our culture and food with our friends.

After careful consideration, I have determined that the Thai Land is a viable and profitable restaurant that has potential to grow in the future. I plan to increase the quality of the food and the professionalism of the staff.  I plan to be more aggressive marketing to new clients.

This is an opportunity for me to make a better future for family.  As an immigrant to this country, I am excited to live the “American Dream” of making my own success.



Guadalahonky’s is Draper’s original Mexican restaurant! We have been open since December of 1988, and yes, at that time our only neighbors were cows! People who know great Mexican food will tell you Guadalahonky’s is the place to go.  Our salsa is famous: just take one bite and you’ll see why. Guadalahonky’s offers a wide variety of Amexicana & Tex Mex classical favorites from Chimichangas to Enchiladas, Tostadas to Asadas, Fajitas to Stir Fry, and we also offer a Veggie menu and an American menu for those of you who have a timid tongue. But don’t worry, only our Fuego (fire) menu is really spicy. Our menu is huge, and yeah, you could say that about our portions, too!

We at Guadalahonky’s invite you out for the best Mexican food this side of the border! We promise: your service will be friendly and prompt, and our food will light a fire of taste bud explosion in your mouth.

P.S. Did we mention our salsa and guacamole are awesome?


Corner Bakery Café

Inspired by great, fresh ingredients, our small neighborhood bakery on a corner in downtown Chicago began creating artisan breads and freshly baked sweets. And upon a little success, neighbors began to ask us for sandwiches made with that fabulous bread, followed by homemade soups and salads, and even made-to-order scramblers. Our guests’ requests continued to inspire us as our bakery’s menu and business grew.

Today, we continue to fulfill the needs and desires of our neighbors with a menu of ingredient-inspired, prepared-to-order food. When you visit our cafe, you’ll see real kitchens in place of assembly lines. You’ll hear the chopping of over 40 types of fresh herbs, fruits, and vegetables, and the sizzle of our real panini grill. You’ll see the stove’s open flame and feel the warmth from our ovens working all day long. They’re the traditions we established years ago that we still passionately follow today.


Pizzeria Limone

Here at Pizzeria Limone, our passion is to create for our customers the best Neapolitan style pizza on the planet and deliver these pizzas in a warm, inviting fine-casual dining atmosphere. We began this journey by carefully creating our signature hand-stretched dough that produces a lightly blistered crisp crust with a gentle crumb, and that’s only the beginning.

Then, using only the finest ingredients we could find, we thoughtfully created sensational, mouthwatering pizzas that stay close to their Italian roots but are also innovative and delicious. We call this style of pizza, “Neopolitan Revival”, where we believe we improve on an already legendary style of pizza.

Our journey to create the best pizzas in the world is far from complete as we continue to create exciting pizza combinations that will be sure to please the tastes of our discriminating clientele. Please come in and enjoy our incredible pizzas, and you will agree that our passion has made its way into every aspect of Pizzeria Limone.  Benvenuti!


Market Street Grill

The Cape Cod exterior at the Market Street Grill in South Jordan sets the mood for exceptional seafood dining. Guests enter a spacious lobby that houses a fish market.  The restaurant and market offer a tantalizing selection of fresh seafood from around the world. Also available are delicious desserts and Market Street’s famous clam chowder.


Blue Lemon

The food quality, fresh ingredients, unique flavor combinations, and gourmet plating sets Blue Lemon apart from the rest. Nobody does fast casual quite like us. Our refined, blended service style provides the table touches and quality of a full-service restaurant, yet allows for the speed that would rival some fast food establishments. Blue Lemon aspires to be more than just a restaurant. We value our place in the community and acknowledge the role we can have in changing the way people think and live. Change must begin within and emanate outward, and the same is true with Blue Lemon. This ideal is why we challenge ourselves to be better, never staying satisfied with the status quo. Being better for Blue Lemon, of course, involves becoming more operationally efficient and increasing customer satisfaction.


The Original Pancake House

The Original Pancake House in Utah is locally owned and operated. Unlike many franchises, each Original Pancake House restaurant is truly unique in its look, fell and menu selection. What we share in our franchise is a passion for the highest quality ingredients and our generation’s old recipes. Our restaurant uses no freezers. Everything is delivered fresh to us and in turn served fresh to you! We proudly offer the finest breakfast available anywhere and we hope you enjoy your dining experience that provided the highest quality food possible, consistently great service, and an exceptionally clean and friendly atmosphere.

The first Original Pancake House was founded in 1953 by Lester Highet and Erma Hueneke in Portland, Oregon. Drawing upon their many years of experience int eh culinary field, Lester and Erma created the core of this unique and original menu that remains true to its origins to this day.


The Cliff Dining Pub

The Cliff Dining Pub specializes in interpreting the American cookbook for a new generation—sushi from Los Angeles, pastas from our urban cores, sandwiches as diverse as our homes, and steak from the Heartland. Our bar features hand-crafted classics and the best of the new mixology.

From Draper… for Draper.


Zao Asian Cafe

Zao’s Asian Cafe – Asian inspired dishes with bold flavors, fresh ingredients, healthy choices, vegan and gluten free options.



The Clever Bean

The Clever Bean Coffee House’s vision is to create a respectful community around the magic of great coffee. Established in 2018 by Dennis Garrett and Craton Edwards (Co-Founders), The Clever Bean offers a variety of delicious coffees through their simplified ordering method. 


Coffee provides a unique medium for human connection.

Over a common love, we use coffee to help us bring people together in fun ways.


Last Course

We search the World to bring our customers the highest quality ingredients. We import our chocolate from Europe, bring our pears from New York, partner with the best maple syrup farm in Vermont and those are just to name a few of things we do. From our inception, we stand in a league of our own, to travel the world for the best of the best ingredients.

185 East 12300 South

Draper, Utah 84020

(801) 410- 4708