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Revolutionary New Lens Now Available at Hoopes Vision


During cataract surgery the cloudy, natural lens of the eye is removed, and an artificial lens, called an intraocular lens, or IOL, is inserted into the eye. The IOL most commonly used in cataract surgery is a monofocal lens, which only allows the person to see at a distance, with closer objects being out of focus. In contrast, the Symfony lens was specifically developed to provide a full range of continuous high-quality vision following cataract surgery and is the first implant that can treat reading vision and astigmatism simultaneously.

In clinical studies the Symfony lens:

•  Provided seamless day-to-night vision. Most patients could see objects sharply and clearly at near, intermediate, and far away distances, and points in between.

•  Provided high-quality vision. Some IOLs may leave patients with an inability to focus clearly due to competing wavelengths of light passing through the lens at different angles (known as chromatic aberration), or with vision that is not completely focused because of the shape of the lens (known as spherical aberration). The Symfony lens has been engineered to correct these issues.

This new IOL option is for patients who want excellent postoperative vision at all distances while minimizing dependence on glasses. Symfony has been offered in Europe since 2014, where it has produced outstanding results for tens of thousands of patients. Symfony received final FDA approval this summer, and is now available to patients in the United States. Hoopes Vision is excited about this latest advancement in intraocular lens technology.