It’s been over six months now since you performed LASIK surgery on my eyes. Let me take a few minutes to thank you for doing your work so well.

I started wearing contacts in college and switched to glasses full-time when I stopped playing basketball for a living. I’ve worn contacts or glasses for the past 25 years.

I was very hesitant to have my eyesight corrected. More than anything, I was scared that something might go wrong. I didn’t mind wearing glasses most of the time, so why should I take the risk of having my eyesight corrected. I enjoy swimming and running, so my glasses were only a bother when I got in the pool or went for a run.

For many years I got along fine with my glasses and my occasional use of contact lenses. Finally, I asked myself, “Why am I wearing glasses when there is technology available to correct my eyesight?” I decided to conquer my fears and explore my options. After a considerable amount of time and research, I decided to visit your office. You seemed to be the most experienced doctor in this part of the United States and you had the most modern equipment.

My initial visit in your office was a positive experience. Your staff was very professional. They gave my eyes a thorough examination and answered my many questions. When I met with you, you made me feel comfortable and relaxed. You also were very patient as I asked many more questions. If I was going to have eye surgery I wanted to have the most highly trained and skilled doctor available, regardless of the cost. I also wanted him to be using the latest technology available. I didn’t care if I liked him personally; I just wanted the best doctor available. After visiting with you, I felt I had found what I was looking for, and on top of that, I felt like I had found a new friend.

Well, as you can guess, I am happy that I made the decision to have you perform surgery on my eyes. I am so pleased with the results. My vision is 20/15 and I was even able to make out a couple of characters on the 20/10 line at my six-month checkup.

In conclusion, thank you for all the time you have spent in your life preparing to help patients like me and so many others to leave our contacts and glasses behind and enjoy clear vision.

Devin Durrant
Former Professional Basketball Player

P.S. – Some old habits are hard to break. Occasionally, I still find myself looking for my glasses in the morning or wanting to pack contact lens solution or an extra pair of glasses when I travel. I’m sure I’ll get over those old habits soon. Thanks again.