Admitting my vision needed correcting was a slow process for me. It began in college as I squinted my way through my first few years. Rather than sit front-and-center in every class, I opted to get glasses.

Over time, I grew tired of managing glasses and felt that contacts were a better approach for me, especially given my active lifestyle. But I still hadn’t found the perfect solution; instead, I found many nights of accidentally sleeping with my contacts in, having a contact fall out, or forgetting to pack my contact solution on a long trip. It was time for the next big step: LASIK.

After hearing about the reputation behind Hoopes Vision, I immediately knew that Hoopes was where I wanted to go. Though I had looked online at other LASIK offices in the area, none of them seemed to have the experience or expertise of Hoopes. My consultation with Hoopes was very informative, low pressure, and highly professional. After my consultation I confidently booked my LASIK appointment, knowing that I would be getting world-class treatment at Hoopes. Surgery day was no different than any other experience I had at Hoopes: professionalism from start to finish and the LASIK process being executed flawlessly by all of the employees involved. Every time I visit Hoopes Vision, I’m amazed by how well appointments, surgeries, and consultations are all operated. Getting LASIK has truly changed my life. As a professional triathlete, I am always ready to fall asleep at night, and I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to not have to drag myself out of bed to go take contacts out. I also love the peace of mind I have in training and racing, knowing that I will have clear vision from start to finish since there is no contact to potentially slip out of place or fall out of my eye. Seeing perfectly with no effort on my part was a freedom I didn’t realize I was missing! LASIK at Hoopes Vision is something I recommend to anyone who is in need of vision correction.

Skye Moench
Professional Triathlete